La Bellezza è la strategia del Vero:

il bello, il buono, il giusto e il ben fatto.

A concert to celebrate Italy


Italia Land of Beauty Foundation is dedicating a special evening to its Promoters, Supporters and Friends in order to celebrate with music the excellence of our Country and toast together to the shared commitment for its future.


Tomorrow at 6:30 pm, it will be held a short concert of the Orchestra of the Conservatory Guido Cantarelli from Novara directed by Michele Brescia

With Bellezza in Musica, the Foundation is dedicating a special evening to his Promoters, Supporters and Friends and in the meanwhile is supporting the Conservatory's activities. The concert will be closed by a special toast, kindly offered by our Sustainer, Ferrari Winery in Trento.

It will be possible to follow the Opening by live streaming on our Facebook page.

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