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Fotografi di classe. And the winner is...


We are proud to announce the winners of FOTOGRAFI DI CLASSE Awards, the project for Italian schools aimed to promoting the knowledge and appreciation of natural, cultural, artistic and craftsmen's beauties by young students.


FOTOGRAFI DI CLASSE is the photo competition promoted by the Italian Association of Teachers of Geography and supported by De Agostini Scuola and Italia Patria della Bellezza Foundation. Launched at the end of last year, the competition is aimed to be an opportunity for teachers and students to engage in motivating outdoor activities, promoting the spirit of observation, artistic talent, and the thousand of positive resources that young people can gather and express.

The theme chosen was: "Historical centers and villages of Italy: singular beauties to be valued for sustainable tourism", since 2017 is also the international year of sustainable tourism in Italy.

Over 200 photos from about 150 schools that responded to the ban from all Italian regions. Photographs have been pre-selected, with two different mechanisms: a social one, according to the number of Facebook's likes, and the one entrusted to the judgment of a jury of experts.

The awards ceremony took place on October 6 in Novara.

Nine classes have plocaimed winners, divided into the three categories of participants (fourth and fifth primary school classes, second-grade secondary school, secondary school grades).

The first ranked in each category has won a camera offered by Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza, while second and third ranked have won books and atlas offered by De Agostini Publisher.


  1. Proiettati al futuro-Istituto comprensivo Bordighera Primaria De Amicis, Bordighera (IM)
  2. Le fontane - Istituto Comprensivo B. Telesio, Spezzano nella Sila (CS)
  3. Le radici e le ali - Istituto Comprensivo F.lli Mercantini, Fossombrone (PU)


  1. Il viaggio di nozze - Istituto Comprensivo Aldo Moro, Abbiategrasso (MI) 
  2. Primavera e arte a Chiampo - Scuola PAritaria A. Melotto, Chiampo (VI)
  3. Winter Villa Olmo - Istituto Comprensivo Como Lago, Como


  1. Cocciu d'amuri - Liceo Classico Ugdulene, Termini Imerese (PA)
  2. L'antica via del ricetto - Liceo Artistico Aldo Passoni, Torino
  3. The bell tower - Liceo Classico Rinaldo D'Aquino, Nusco (AV)